Michelle in a Minute

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Share with me’... is the invisible sign that I feel is tattooed on my forehead.


For as long as I can recall, people feel comfortable sharing their adventures and life's journey with me, whether it be their darkest secrets, their fears, or their triumphs and joys. Now 50+, I love learning and helping others. 


You see most of my life I have helped businesses with their marketing and graphic design, then I turned left something quite different - I trained as a Funeral Director.  Connecting with families in their darkest hour was a blessing, however there was nothing I could do for them ongoing, they were left to manage on their own, so to Life Coaching I trained and soon discovered that words do not come easy for many people.  Most of us find it difficult to convey true feelings and that is where art came in. Art Therapy shows us the many ways that our connection with art can represent many feelings and emotions, a true way of expression.

So you can see, I have had many life-lessons consisting of mistake(s) and successes and I recognise that it's all been 'work-experience' to get me to here.  I started my art journey very young and left it behind for many years and 2020 allowed me to pivot into becoming my true authentic self as an Art Therapist; which has become my tool for helping and teaching others about their own emotional wellbeing, by listening and hearing what they need to say, assisting them to thrive in areas that are passionate for them.

In bullet points, so far...

Endured family/wife life:

  • Raised in a religious home by two beautiful souls, and rebelled in my early 20's.

  • Innocently married a work colleague (far too young), divorced within three years. 

  • Later in life I married a health-junkie, who’s journey I support and admire, and I love that he keeps our family healthy inside and out (as much as possible with teenagers).

  • Moved from the big smoke (Sydney) to the NSW South Coast, where we have been for nine+ years, and love the lifestyle and surroundings.


Written books/contributed to books:

  • I'm a published author!!! a book about relationship triangles; The Temptation Triangle (based on my life events) rel. 2011 (nee. Scales).

  • Contributing-author in Ludwina Dautovic's; Online Marketing 3.0 (and designed the cover). rel.2012.


Amazing (and unusual) working experiences:

  • I've spent 15+ years as a graphic designer, creating and supporting women in business to shine.

  • Hosted community based women's networking group for five years, bringing women together to thrive personally and professionally. 

  • Experienced years as a Funeral Director, navigating families through their darkest days.

  • Made redundant numerous times during my early corporate career.


Achieved qualifications:

  • Adv. Diploma in Art Therapy.

  • Certified Life Coach.

  • Cert IV Graphic Designer.

  • Self-taught artist (see artworks for current works).

And mostly I'm the proudest mum of two teenagers, together we work through the challenges of life, we love walking on the beach with our dogs, enjoy a good board-game and a cuppa tea anytime of the day.

I have enjoyed all that these experiences have brought to my life and am extremely grateful as they remind me to make everyday as rewarding as possible. 

So, enough about me, what about you?
Let's chat,

Michelle x

“It might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you!

Elizabeth Gilbert