Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Expect plenty :

  • Comradeship and connection in the art expression process and a deeper insights into your creative process.​

  • Enjoyment of the creative process in dialogue with another.


  • Safe, professional guidance in expressive arts.

  • A creative exploration as to how your emotional pain blocks your highest self-expression.

  • Intuitive insights from outside of your personal mind and access to greater inspiration than you might access through thought alone.

  • The "felt" understanding your emotions in visual form.

  • New ways to describe your feelings through spontaneous art and soul connection.

What if I'm not arty?

Expressive Art is about using the right side of the brain to create an expression of any issues that are restricting you from moving towards your perfect day. The messier the art, the clearer your heart will become.

What does a session look like?

We begin by checking in with how you are and see if there is anything you would like to explore straight away. You will be offered art materials appropriate for the activity you are working on. You'll make art and there will be time to engage with your finished art and find the hidden gems within. Insights and strategies will be discussed to encourage positive thinking, effective behaviours and emotional rebalancing. If necessary, homework may be encouraged.

Do I need my own art supplies?

ONLINE SESSIONS : You will need to have your own art book and some pencils/pens... activities can be worked around the supplies you have so please don't go and buy anything before your first session.

IN PERSON: All materials are provided, please feel free to bring any favourites of your own.

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